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We have a team of over 100 employees, half of whom hold PhDs. Are you interested in learning more about who we are and what we do? We invite you to get to know us better.

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Management team

Golaleh Ebrahimpur

CEO Chalmers Industriteknik

+46317724300 +46708209072 Business development development of structures and organizations
Per-Erik Nilsson

CEO CIT Renergy

+46705152446 Energy efficiency Energieffektivisering technical systems in buildings
Katarina Hagby


+46(0)317724325 +46(0)733035093 Financial performance management Accounting and financial planning and reporting
Anja Haraldsson

Senior Advisor, Finance

+46(0)703771787 Controlling accounting and corporate matters
Ingrid Nohlgren

Director Materials and Circularity

+46317726352 +46702695390 Management and business development sustainable biofuels bioenergy strategic energy studies biorefineries
Johan Felix

Director Strategic Collaborations

+46(0)317724308 +46(0)733940943 Innovation management Polymeric materials Circular economy
Paul Häyhänen

Director Innovation and Project Management

+46(0)317724447 +46(0)723963303 Microwave technology project management strategy and business development ISO 9001 and AS 9100 certifications
Sara Wagiström


0317724391 0701494798 Recruitment employer branding talent management management support work culture and environment

Business support

Alma Rastoder


+46(0)317724383 +46(0)702239066
Astrid Hedenström


+46(0)317724029 +46(0)766117499 Communication Design Art Direction Visualisation and Conceptualisation Identity Brand
Carina Berg


Carina Bodin



Applied AI

Oscar Ivarsson

Data Scientist, MSc

+46(0)317724393 +46(0)768540297 Machine Learning Computer Vision Data Exploration Visualization
Anders Segerlund

Data Scientist/AI-Strategist, MSc

+46(0)721640414 Business development Decision support Machine learning Deep learning Optimization
Berenice Gudino

Portfolio Manager/Data Scientist, PhD

+46(0)702971317 Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Data Science for analysis and prediction Natural Language Processing Deep learning
Bernd Ketzler

Group Manager Applied AI

+46(0)731420809 Urban Digital Twins project coordination management grant applications project reporting
Dag Wästberg

Data scientist, Geodata specialist, MSc

+46(0)723939692 Urban Digital Twins Software development. Data science and analysis with a focus on geodata Digital twin cities and urban planning Mathematical modelling and statistics
Endre Erös

Data Scientist, PhD

+46(0)317724320 +46(0)738660916 Applied Mathematics & Optimization Programming Automation and simulations for the industry
Faruk Geles

Data Scientist, PhD

+46(0)703903722 Computational Physics Computer vision Machine Learning Deep Learning Problem solving Software development
Jens Olsson

Scientific programmer, PhD, MSc Engineering, MSc Architecture

+46(0)317724335 +46(0)721563413 Parametric design Programming Geometry Simulation Meshless methods 3D Modelling Structures Architecture
Joakim Wigström

Software Developer, PhD

+46(0)317724020 +46(0)768504671 Software development Algorithm development Applied Mathematics and Optimization
Martin Dahl

Research engineer, PhD

+46704068742 Software development automation and robotics formal methods and automated planning
Maxim Chukharkin

Data Scientist, PhD

+46760648114 Data science and Computer vision Magnetic field sensors development Applied supercondictivity
Moheb Nayeri

Data Scientist, PhD

+46(0)733692029 Industrial recycling Computer vision physical chemistry recycling
Siddhartha Kasaraneni

Data Scientist, Software Developer, MSc

0790398536 Machine learning software development data science pipeline and cloud services

Circular Economy

Dana Gilliland-Wiström

Communicator and Project Assistant, MSc

+46(0)734476660 Circular design & Traceability Circular & sustainable food chains Sustainability Science Communications strategy Project management Outreach Education Events
Hafdís Jónsdóttir

Project Manager, MSc

+46(0)317724340 +46(0)701478427 Analysis & transformation of value chains Industrial recycling Logistics and circular economy
Hanna Persson

Business Development, Project Management, MSc

Jessica Algehed

Project Leader, PhD

+46(0)317724321 +46(0)708378980
Karolina Kazmierczak

Project Manager, PhD

+46(0)768585592 Circular design & Traceability Industrial recycling Ergonomics/human factors in product/process development circular design lean manufacturing
Klas Hedvall

Project Manager, PhD

+46(0)702842271 Circular strategies & Business models Analysis & transformation of value chains
Linnea Lindkvist

Project Manager, MSc

+46(0)317724019 +46(0)728563196 Circular strategies & Business models Circular & sustainable food chains Analysis & transformation of value chains Industrial & Urban Symbiosis Project management resource efficiency sustainable construction
Maria Hammar

Group Manager Circular economy

+46(0)709383803 CIrcular economy Energy system Renewable energy carbon footprint Project management
Marie Palmnäs

Project Manager, PhD

+46(0)317724337 +46(0)722276022 Circular & sustainable food chains Food and Nutrition Science Project Management
Max Bekken Björkman

Project Manager, MSc

+46703781671 Analysis & transformation of value chains Industrial recycling Circular & sustainable food chains
Nils Ólafur Egilsson

Project Manager, MSc

+46(0)317724352 +46(0)721645015 Circular strategies & Business models Circular economy environmental analysis industrial symbiosis
Peter Carlsson

Project manager, MSc

+46(0)729864212 Industrial & Urban Symbiosis Industrial symbiosis externally funded projects marine plastics circular food systems
Sebnem Yilmaz Balaman

Project Manager, PhD

+46(0)317724334 +46(0)703138003 Analysis & transformation of value chains Circular strategies & Business models Industrial & Urban Symbiosis Bio-economy Systems design Supply chain design and analysis Bio-based production Sustainable transition of value chains Systems integration pathways Modelling and optimisation
Sophie Charpentier

Project Manager, PhD

+46(0)317724361 +46(0)733022761 Circular design & Traceability Circular & sustainable food chains Traceability Nudging Material Science Graphene Circular Economy Innovation Project management
Nikolaos Xafenias

Project Manager, PhD

+46(0)317724392 +46(0)704585557 Water management and water remediation Bioenergy and biochemicals Electrochemistry EU-funding


Alexander Gerdin

Project Manager, MSc

+46(0)730884411 Energy and indoor climate calculation Energy efficiency Project management
Anders Åsblad

Chemical Engineering, MSc

+46(0)70 3821175 Process integration industrial excess heat biorefineries
Anette Winter

Project Manager, MSc

+46(0)722211315 Energy and Lean in combination broad experience in the Energy Industry
Daniel Olsson

Project Manager, MSc

Elin Svensson

Senior researcher, PhD

+46(0)703058352 Process heat recovery energy efficient industrial processes process integration
Emmi Voogand

Project coordinator

+46(0)73618 4716
Fredrik Hildor

Project Leader, Teacher, PhD

+46(0)722256760 Industry Active bed materials in boilers Ash interaction Material chemistry
Gaurab Lama

Project Leader, MSc

+46(0)702410856 Built Environment Energy and indoor climate calculations Energy efficiency
Helena Nakos Lantz

Project Manager, MSc

+46762325283 Energy efficiency Energy efficient buildings Heat pumps
Heléne Johansson

Strategic Communications

+46729638037 Communication
Ingrid Nyström

Business area manager Energy in Society

+46(0)703824565 Society Sustainable renewable fuels energy efficiency in industry strategic energy inquires energy systems analysis
Josep Termens

Project Manager, MSc

+46(0)734117459 Energy efficiency renewable energy project management
Jessica Johansson

Project Manager, Licentiate of Engineering

+46(0)738050641 Sustainable development energy and transport systems analysis environmental behaviour multi-/interdisciplinarity linguistic concept management methodology development
Karin Eriksson

Project Manager, PhD

+4631161071 +46733190993
Karin Glader

Project Manager, MSc

+46707747008 Buildings of tomorrow low energy building interface between buildings and operations
Lars Ekberg

Senior Advisor, Professor

+46703151155 Indoor climate in energy efficient buildings
Malin Ljungskog

Project Manager, MSc

+46(0)762711071 Sustainable energy systems project management electrification frequency regulation & climate calculations
Maria Haegermark

Project Manager, Licentiate of Engineering

+46(0)733662299 Solar energy engineering
Mari-Liis Maripuu

Business area manager Indoor Climate

Maria Jangsten

Project Manager, PhD

+46(0)723780775 Industrial & Urban Symbiosis Circular & sustainable food chains District cooling District heating Energy efficiency Energy systems Cooling and heating systems in buildings
Markus Lundborg

Project Manager

+46705710923 Energy efficiency indoor climate power reduction
Matthias Schmitz

Project Manager, PhD, MBA

+46(0)736818868 Energy efficiency carbon capture and storage (CCS) combustion technology project management energy use in the transport sector
Mette Lager

Project Manager, MSc

+46(0)793595832 Energy systems energy efficiency district heating district cooling technical systems in buildings
Per-Åke Franck

Senior Advisor, PhD

+46(0)31161062 +46(0)706063672 Industrial energy use process integration policy instruments
Peter Filipsson

Project Manager, PhD

+46706200908 Energy efficient buildings & indoor environment
Pontus Bokinge

Project Manager, MSc

+46(0)763910916 Renewable/sustainable fuels Industrial energy systems Process integration
Roger Nordman

Business area manager Industry

+46(0)706010619 Energy storage Energy efficiency Process integration Project management Process management Energy cooperation Industrial heat pumps energy mapping Energy combines
Stefan Aronsson

Project Manager, PhD

Thore Berntsson


Industrial energy systems
Tommy Sundström

Project Manager, PhD

Victoria Edenhofer

Project Manager, MSc

0704406468 Energy efficient buildings
Viktor Stenberg

Project Manager, PhD

+46(0)733029490 Energy efficiency hydrogen production hydrogen utilization concept development combustion processes fluidized bed technology techno-economic evaluation carbon capture and storage (CCS)
Åsa Wahlström

Business area manager Built Environment


Innovation management

Aleksandra Kempinska

Project Leader, MSc

0317724302 +46(0)723533522 Innovation technology transfer commercialization IP & IA market research
Anders Engström

Project Leader, MSc

+46(0)768767371 Building project agreements that really enable the commercialization steps of innovation Strategy and complex multi part Managing and initiating spin-outs
C. Eric Ramberg

Senior Advisor, PhD

+46(0)317724303 +46(0)725025003
Camilla Johansson

Group Manager Innovation management

+46(0)317726791 +46(0)705253181 Innovation management project management utilization of research results IP issues as well as polymeric and bio-based materials
Elis Carlström

Senior Advisor, Docent

+46(0)702244526 Data-driven innovation More effective collaboration for innovation Intellectual property rights & assets (IP/IA) Innovation and Technology Transfer Innovation Strategy NDA and Consortium Agreements in collaborative research projects Advanced ceramic materials and processing technology
Henrik Mindedal

Senior Project Leader, MSc

+46(0)70888445 Forming networks and relations negociating contracts and coordinating applications for funding
Ines Heinig

Project coordinator SAFER

+46317722826 +46721878657 Safe Mobility Finding structure in chaos and producing pragmatic solutions
John-Fredrik Grönvall

Project Manager

+46(0)768504107 Safe Mobility Experience from Automotive industry especially Vehicle and Traffic Safety. Project management of larger projcets in Sweden Europe and Asia
Jonathan Converse

Project Leader, PhD

+46(0)317724322 +46(0)721561552 Data-driven innovation Data-driven innovation
Jordan M. Kane

Project Leader, PhD

+46(0)317724341 +46(0)761339794 Health Data Access Precision Medicine Data Curation Genomics Healthcare Analytics Healthtech Biotech Innovation Management
Kari Hjelt

Innovation Manager Graphene Flagship

+46723783155 Graphene & other 2D materials Business Development Creating business from technology
Lars Nicklason

Communications Manager Lighthouse

Journalism Finding the essence in complicated information and convert it into somethin comprehensible and straightforward
Magnus Granström

Director SAFER

+46317726727 +46734060424 Safe Mobility Management in complex environments
Malin Levin

Deputy Director SAFER

+46(0)317721119 +46(0)733330783 Safe Mobility Strategic communication project management in complex collaborative environments
Patrik Carlsson

Big Science Sweden, PhD

Saeed Salehi

Researcher, PhD

+46(0)720188728 +46(0)317721274 Computational Fluid Dynamics Turbulence, Data-driven methods Reduced order models Uncertainty quantification Artificial Intelligence Deep reinforcement learning Optimisation
Thomas Swahn

Director at Myfab

+46317724676 +46730744676 Leading large national and international networks high-speed electronics
Vilhelm Verendel

Project Manager, PhD

+46(0)721642330 Data-driven innovation Data Science Data Analytics Project leadership Patent data Machine Learning Quantitative research
Yashar Mansoori

Project Leader, Researcher, PhD

+46(0)317724616‬ +46(0)722520534 Innovation and entrepreneurship Sustainability in business Business modeling New technologies and approaches to organizing
Zhongxia Simon He

Researcher, PhD

+46(0)723521923 High accuracy mm-wave sensing for industrial applications high data rate communication radio over fiber MMIC design mm-wave packaging
Åsa Burman

Director of Ligthouse



Anna Carlsson

Project Manager, MSc MEd

+46317723650 +46705943650 Biomechanics accident and injury prevention
Blerina Gjoka

Project Manager, PhD

+46(0)317724353 +46(0)721645404 Graphene materials and technologies Synthesis and analysis organic/inorganic catalysts Proposals writing Project Managment
Carin Eklöf-Österberg

Project Leader, PhD

+46(0)766327584 Fuel Cell and Battery materials Big Science Methods of analysis Nanotechnology
Eleonor Hendar

Communication officer

+46(0)317724260 +46(0)767759419
Elisabeth Sagström-Bäck

Program Director SIO Grafen

+46(0)701478397 Graphene & other 2D materials SIO Grafen 2D materials graphene metallic materials the innovation system public funding international projects
Hanna Ulmefors

Project Manager, PhD

+46(0)317724368 +46(0)762127842 Cellulose-based materials Sustainable chemistry Biobased materials Functional material Material development Blue bioeconomy
Johan Ek Weis

Project Manager, PhD

+46766072284 Graphene & other 2D materials Graphene innovation standardisation
Jon Wingborg

Project Manager, MSc

+46317724024 +46704360704 Graphene & other 2D materials Graphene Composites Adhesives Start-ups innovation
Jonas Löfvendahl

Communiations Specialist

+46(0)317724326 +46(0)701410123 Graphene & other 2D materials Write refine and analyze text and communication
Kent Rundgren

Innovation Manager Ecosystem SME, PhD

+46317724310 +46730794283 Ceramic Materials Innovation Management SME ceramic materials public funding for SMEs networks sales & marketing
Kerstin Jedvert

Project Manager, PhD

+46(0)317724345 +46(0)723943325 Industrial recycling Cellulose-based materials Material science Biopolymers Chemistry Textiles
Lilei Ye

Business developer, PhD

+46(0)317224028 +46(0)738551187 Graphene & other 2D materials Innovation nano-and carbon-based materials and research management
Marie-Louise Lagerstedt Eidrup

Project Manager, Techn Lic

+46(0)317724362 +46(0)734122215 Industrial recycling Cellulose-based materials Sustainable materials for circular product solutions polymeric materials
Michael Persson

Senior Advisor Material, MBA, Professor

+46(0)793377203 Ceramic Materials Nanomaterials colloidal silica paper chemistry innovation
Philip Gillgard

Group Manager Materials

+46(0)317724306 +46(0)707986255 Energy storage Cellulose-based materials Materials Science Fuel Cells Polymers Surface Technology Chemistry Business Development Marketing Strategy
Sofia Kihlman Öiseth

Group Leader Grafen

+46(0)317724339 46(0)701478425 Graphene & other 2D materials Material Science Graphene Microscopy Characterisation Food Science