Roger Nordman

Business area manager Industry

Expertise in

Energy, Energy storage, Energy efficiency, Process integration, Project management, Process management, Energy cooperation, Industrial heat pumps, energy mapping, Energy combines

I always want to contribute make a difference for the better.

Roger is a M.Sc. in chemical engineering and Ph. D. in energy technology from Chalmers. For about 15 years, he has worked within SP and RISE with energy issues, both technical components and systems, as well as with energy use in industry and society. Roger is a specialist in heat pumps, energy efficiency and process integration.

He has been active in Värmeforsk, the research school REESBE, in the European organizations EHPA (European Heat Pump Association) and vice chairman of EUREC (EUropean Renewable Energy Council). For several years, Roger was also active in several IEA initiatives.