Applied Mathematics & Optimization

Using techniques from mathematics and computer science we can help you to identify the optimal solution for your optimization challenge.

Cutting-edge tools and techniques

The optimal usage of limited resources is essential for a sustainable future. Mathematical optimization models and algorithms have proven their value for many areas of decision and planning support. They can help us to create efficient energy markets, plan transport & logistics, or manage supply chains in an optimal way.

In Applied Mathematics and Optimization, we use a variety of start-of-the-art tools and techniques, such as metaheuristics and exact methods to find the best solutions to problems in the areas of planning, scheduling, process control, parameter optimization. Our team has years of experience in applied mathematical optimization and can help you find the optimal solutions for your optimization challenges.

Meet the experts

Joakim Wigström

Software Developer, PhD

Endre Erös

Data Scientist, PhD

Martin Dahl

Research engineer, PhD

Anders Segerlund

Data Scientist/AI-Strategist, MSc

Berenice Gudino

Portfolio Manager/Data Scientist, PhD

Siddhartha Kasaraneni

Data Scientist, Software Developer, MSc

Examples from real life


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AlgAIe – Optimization of algae cultivation using AI to significantly reduce methane emission from cattle

Recent studies have shown that adding macroalgae Asparagopsis as a supplement to cattle feed can lead to a reduction by over 80% of cattle’s methane emissions. Methane emission f…


AIHURO: Intelligent human-robot collaboration

The overall goal of this project is to create a sustainable workplace where autonomous mobile collaborative robots and humans work together safely and efficiently by having the fol…