Berenice Gudino

Portfolio Manager/Data Scientist, PhD

Expertise in

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science for analysis and prediction, Natural Language Processing, Deep learning

Pure research is about knowing, fundamental to understand and innovate; applied research is about doing, fundamental to develop the future.

Berenice has experience in AI from both academia and private business. In 2013, she worked as Professor/Researcher in Computer Science at ITESM (Mexico). In 2015, she got a Postdoctoral scholarship for working in the analysis of brain signals using Machine Learning (ML). In 2017, she moved to Sweden to work as ML Engineer, she developed Data Science applications for Accounting, Financial and Customer services areas.

Since May 2021, Berenice manages the project portfolio and is Data Scientist for the applied AI group. She develops applied research in Artificial Intelligence projects, tailoring solutions for the entire data life cycle. She collaborates with companies and research organizations in the private and public sectors in Sweden and European Union. Berenice develops proof of concepts at the cutting edge of AI, but also system prototypes in operational environments. Her current portfolio includes projects in the areas of health, geology, graphene and agriculture. She applies general machine learning techniques, statistics, deep learning, computer vision, methods for optimization problems, and agile methodologies for software development.