Graphene & other 2D materials

2D materials, including graphene, are an exciting new class of materials. Unique properties enable multifunctional applications, such as stronger plastics with good thermal conductivity. We work to speed up the commercialization of sustainable 2D material innovations.

Do you need to keep electronics cool, inhibit bacteria or prevent corrosion?

2D materials (two-dimensional) can be part of the solution to many challenges. The unique properties that arise when a material is only one, or a few, atomic layers thick can create future solutions to new and old problems. The 2D material graphene is strong, stretchable, transparent and has both high electrical and thermal conductivity. It can be found in electronics, sensors, paint, batteries, composites with plastic, rubber or concrete and surface protection. Only your imagination puts a limit to new applications.

At Chalmers Industriteknik, we link the latest research findings with the needs from industry. We got solid expertise in 2D materials and wide networks within Sweden and Europe. We work strategically towards the future and are responsible for the program office of the strategic innovation program SIO Grafen and the work package Industrialization within the EU initiative Graphene Flagship. Sustainability is fundamental for all our projects and we often work to create links throughout the entire value chain. We also engage in complicated questions within standardization, characterization, health and environmental impact of 2D materials.

More information on 2D materials and their possibilities can be found here:
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Meet the experts

Blerina Gjoka

Project Manager, PhD

C. Eric Ramberg

Senior Advisor, PhD

Elisabeth Sagström-Bäck

Program Director SIO Grafen

Johan Ek Weis

Project Manager, PhD

Jon Wingborg

Project Manager, MSc

Jonas Löfvendahl

Communiations Specialist

Kari Hjelt

Innovation Manager Graphene Flagship

Lilei Ye

Business developer, PhD

Sofia Kihlman Öiseth

Group Leader Grafen

Eleonor Hendar

Communication officer

Examples from real life

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