Millimeter wave based graphene enabling wireless communication

Graphene and other 2D materials

Can graphene compete with commonly used electrically conductive materials such as copper, gold, aluminum and silver on substrates such as circuit boards? The idea is to try to increase the tolerance compared to today’s circuit boards and obtain high tolerance and low cost. For example, alumina thin film has good tolerances, but is very expensive to manufacture.

If the project is successful, it will have a major impact on the entire industry that uses higher frequencies above 20 GHz. Millimeter wave circuits, the automotive industry, 5G and future technologies such as 6G will be strongly affected if this technology can be implemented. The project is a collaboration between SafeRadar Research Sweden, Chalmers Industriteknik, Halmstad University and Raytelligence. It includes literature studies as well as design and measurement of test circuits.

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