Data-driven innovation

Large amounts of data often abound in today’s society, but it is not always easy to know how and when this data can and, above all, must be used to create new innovations.

Solving challenges and problems with data

Data-driven innovation is about using big data to solve problems. It can involve the collection, analysis and use of data. In this context, issues such as legal aspects often arise when using data for different types of innovations. In many cases, this involves the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and legal aspects of personal data.

An early risk analysis of these aspects can enable data-driven innovation and can be a way to avoid getting into difficulties with data law. At Chalmers Industrial Engineering we work with such risk analyses, but also analysis of and in the development of various technical standards for data sharing. We also work with training on issues related to the General Data Protection Regulation.

Meet the experts

Jonathan Converse

Project Leader, PhD

Jordan M. Kane

Project Leader, PhD

Vilhelm Verendel

Project Manager, PhD