Traceability & Digital Product Passport 

Traceability helps to ensure that products are safe, origin-labeled and ethically produced and the Digital Product Pass (DPP) is the EU’s response to make sustainable products the norm. The role of the DPP is to standardise and regulate sustainable products, enable traceability and the recirculation of materials and to help society transform into a more circular economy. It thus reduces the environmental impacts of these products throughout their lifetime and the use of resources for their production.  


Transparency throughout the product life cycle

The Digital Product Passport (DPP) assists businesses and consumers to make sustainable choices by providing more transparent product information throughout the products lifecycle. The role of Chalmers Industriteknik is to assist businesses in creating value through circular business models, exploring and preparing for implications of the introduction of DPP.  

Chalmers Industriteknik has been involved from the beginning, and is now an active participant in developing and implementing the EU regulation in a Swedish context with businesses. We are also part of tthe creation of new EU standards for Digital Product Passports through the SIS technical committee 639 in cooperation with other Swedish companies. product traceability and reuse. With our experience and expertise, we can help navigate regulations and circular business models that will allow your business to thrive and create value through the integration of DPP regulations.

Meet the experts

Sophie Charpentier

Project Manager, PhD

Karolina Kazmierczak

Project Manager, PhD

Bakgrund porträtt
Katarina Lorentzon

Project Leader, MSc

Marie-Louise Lagerstedt Eidrup

Project Manager, Techn Lic

Max Bekken Björkman

Project Manager, MSc

Oscar Ivarsson

Data Scientist, MSc

Vilhelm Verendel

Project Manager, PhD

Johan Ek Weis

Project Manager, PhD


Trace 4 Value – KEEP (Step 3)

The Trace 4 Value project brings together five sub-projects on traceability. The five projects study solutions to company- and industry-specific needs and by being part of Trace 4 Value, the general challenge can be picked up and applied more generally both in your own industry and in others.


SmartPass: Digitalisation of three different value chains

Create product passport prototypes for advanced digitalisation for three different product categories: Li-ion batteries, reusable LED lights and circular coated frying pans. The goal is to develop and evaluate digital product passports that manage the entire value chain for each category from manufacturing to recycling.