Urban Digital Twins

Digital Twins can be powerful tools to manage and plan our cities in a more sustainable way.

Simulate and visualize the city pulse

Based on cutting-edge research & development we leverage the power of digital twins and apply data science to enhance urban planning & architecture.

In this very broad domain, we apply data science to the fields of urban planning and architecture. The team holds expertise in advanced geospatial data analysis, modelling and simulation, parametric modelling and computational design, and software development of decision support tools.

The Urban Digital Twins team can help municipalities to understand their data and get more value out of it. We can provide researchers with real world use-cases, development support for building prototypes and demonstrators. Our industrial partners can benefit from hands-on utilization of cutting-edge research as well as access to the academic ecosystem through networks and innovation projects.

Illustration: Chalmers University 

Meet the experts

Dag Wästberg

Data scientist, Geodata specialist, MSc

Jens Olsson

Scientific programmer, PhD, MSc Engineering, MSc Architecture

Siddhartha Kasaraneni

Data Scientist, Software Developer, MSc

Bernd Ketzler

Group Manager Applied AI

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