Digital Twins Cities Centre

Urban Digital Twins

The Digital Twin Cities Centre (DTCC) is a Vinnova competence centre hosted by Chalmers University. The centre’s vision is to establish the Digital Twin City concept as the foundation for digital planning, design, construction, and management of sustainable, intelligent, and liveable cities and regions throughout Sweden by 2030.

Chalmers Industriteknik is one of 35 partners in the centre and the Applied AI supports DTCC with scientific coordination and management as well as software development of the Digital Twin Platform which is an open and scalable system of databases, software, processes and expertise that together support the activities of DTCC.

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Dag Wästberg

Data scientist, Geodata specialist, MSc

Jens Olsson

Scientific programmer, PhD, MSc Engineering, MSc Architecture

Siddhartha Kasaraneni

Data Scientist, Software Developer, MSc

Bernd Ketzler

Group manager Applied AI

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