More effective collaboration for innovation

Realising new innovative products or services increasingly requires external expertise. Collaboration across company boundaries and with research providers places new demands on leadership, collaborative methods and cultural competence.

Cross-border collaboration between research and business

Developing innovative products often requires a combination of new technologies and external collaborations, for example when products are complemented by software-based services or when new combinations of materials are used to achieve better performance. Effective collaboration between companies, universities and institutes requires cultural competence, project agreements and processes to manage new inventions. There is science-based knowledge on how to build a creative climate in development projects. There are also models for managing development projects that cross organisational boundaries.

CIT offers workshop-based training for development teams within an organisation or project teams that span several organisations. The workshops include training and practical exercises aimed at strengthening and developing a creative climate within a team. They also review tools for evaluating potential collaborations. During practical exercises, cultural competence is developed to facilitate collaboration across research and business boundaries.

Meet the experts

Aleksandra Kempinska

Project Leader, MSc

Camilla Johansson

Group Manager Innovation management

Elis Carlström

Senior Advisor, Docent

30 August 2022
Book release! Elis Carlström’s book ”Collaborative leadership and innovation”