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Press release
News | 21 June
Summer greeting
Event | 17 October
Swedish Graphene Forum 2023
News | 25 November
Applied AI presented AutoWEEEdakt at Vinnova’s conference
News | 10 October
CIRCUBLADE – Holistic solutions to upcycle End-of-Life wind turbine blades
Press release | 10 October
CIRCUBLADE – Holistic solutions to upcycle End-of-Life wind turbine blades
News | 30 September
Applied AI group does not know frontiers
News | 30 August
Book release! Elis Carlström’s book ”Collaborative leadership and innovation”
News | 01 July
Boid AB launches from Chalmers Industriteknik
News | 09 June
Question of the week with Golaleh. Is the circular economy profitable?
News | 18 May
Question of the week with Golaleh. How confident are we at nano?
News | 22 April
Question of the week with Golaleh. Fuel cells and hydrogen, is that the future?
News | 08 April
Question of the week with Golaleh. What is the world’s most fascinating material?
Event | 08 December
Webinar: Electrification in Industry
News | 16 September
PROACTIVE: Efficient and safe electric vehicle battery handling
Press release | 16 September
PROACTIVE: Efficient and safe electric vehicle battery handling
News | 04 February
Meet us at Circular Materials Conference, March 17-18 2020
Event | 24 January
Circular Electronics Day!
News | 23 January
Circular Electronics Day!
News | 19 December
We are looking for: Business developer for graphene and graphene applications
News | 17 December
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
News | 30 October
Ny tjänst: Experienced Machine Learning Engineer (text på engelska)
News | 11 September
Experienced Business developer
News | 24 June
Investing in digital twins will revolutionize urban development
News | 15 May
Open position: Business Developer and Project Leader to Big Science Sweden
News | 26 March
We are growing and have two vacant challenging positions
News | 18 March
Meet us at stand A:08 at Advanced Engineering on March 27-28 mars
News | 18 March
Business checks – for digitalization and internationalization
Press release | 05 March
Constructivate: Then we close the loop for packaging plastic from construction products
News | 04 March
Lighthouse to operate program for SEK 100 million
Event | 14 March
The Board – an underutilized resource?
Event | 07 March
Seminar on Strategic Evaluation of Industrial Biorefineries (Stockholm)
News | 08 February
Looking for a career in circular economy?
News | 05 February
Open positions
Event | 20 February
Financing for your business – 20 February 9:00-13:00 (Göteborg)
News | 30 January
Breakfast seminar on February 6th: BioLyftet
Event | 06 February
BioLyftet – biobased opportunities for companies
Event | 27 March
Meet us at Advanced Engineering 27-28 March at stand A:08
Event | 29 November
Workshop – Strategic pricing
Event | 10 December
Meet Mattias Goldmann about Climate Change Conference COP24
Event | 24 October
Strategic pricing & business intelligence
Event | 20 September
Global growth will come from the global south – opportunities for your business
News | 16 August
Fewer slip accidents with automated maintenance
News | 02 July
Switch to fossil-free and sustainable production
News | 02 July
New graphene projects
News | 23 May
Self-driving drones can help the emergency services save lives
News | 19 April
We are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

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