Centres & infrastructures

We offer project and innovation management as well as communication skills in several knowledge centres where we are a link between industry and academia. In collaboration with many different actors, we help create, share and disseminate knowledge to promote research, development and innovation.

SIO grafen

SIO Grafen works to make Swedish companies world leaders in graphene and other 2D materials. Here, over 200 Swedish organisations, 50 per cent of which are small/medium-sized enterprises, have created graphene projects since 2014 and the pace to industry is increasing.


Elisabeth Sagström-Bäck

Program Director SIO Grafen

Jonas Löfvendahl

Communiations Specialist

Graphene Flagship

The Graphene Flagship works at European level to support and create innovations with graphene and other 2D materials for commercial applications. The EU initiative brings together expertise from nearly 170 academic and industrial partners in 22 countries.


Kari Hjelt

Head of Innovation, Graphene Flagship

Sofia Kihlman Öiseth

Group leader Grafen, Project manager


Manuela is a project to drive development and create competitive advantage for European industry in metal-based additive manufacturing (AM). It is a pilot for metal-based additive manufacturing covering the entire AM development cycle including simulation, robust AM manufacturing and on-line process control, characterisation, real-time feedback, post-processing, AM qualification and the associated business model.


Karolina Kazmierczak

Project Manager, Ph.D.

Paul Häyhänen

Director, Innovation and Project Management


SAFER is a collaborative platform where stakeholders from different parts of society contribute research and knowledge to reduce the number of road deaths and injuries. Our vision is to be co-creators of a sustainable and safe transport system, for all. Chalmers University of Technology is hosting the centre and the other nearly 50 partners come from academia, institutes, industry and government. SAFER was founded in 2006 and is part of Lindholmen Science Park in Gothenburg.


Ines Heinig

Project coordinator at SAFER Vehicle and Traffic Safety Centre at Chalmers, PhD

John-Fredrik Grönvall

Project manager

Magnus Granström

Director SAFER

Malin Levin

Deputy Director SAFER Vehicle and traffic safety centre at Chalmers

IETS TCP Industrial Energy-Related Technologies and Systems

IETS TCP is one of about 40 international cooperation programmes under the umbrella of the International Energy Agency (IEA). Its main objective is to contribute to the exchange of experience, international networking and dissemination of results to accelerate the climate change transition in industry.

It operates in the form of projects involving companies and research organisations from 15 countries. CIT Renergy runs the office.


Heléne Johansson

Strategic Communications

Thore Berntsson



Myfab is an open infrastructure that brings together resources for nano- and microfabrication. Every year, over 800 unique users walk through the doors of one of Myfab’s four facilities at Chalmers, Uppsala University, Lund University and KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

Myfab’s clean room laboratories all have a standardised set of equipment and in addition their own expertise and specialties.


Thomas Swahn

Director at Myfab, Ph.D.


Lighthouse is a neutral collaboration platform for research, development and innovation in the maritime sector. Here, industry, government, academia and institutes work together.


Åsa Burman

Director of Ligthouse

Lars Nicklason

Communications Manager Lighthouse

f3 – Innovation cluster for sustainable biofuels

In f3, industry, universities, institutes and public authorities are working together for an effective and rapid transition to renewable fuels in the transport sector. We do this by creating synergies, increasing knowledge about sustainable biofuels and identifying barriers and possible solutions.


Ingrid Nohlgren

Director Materials & Circularity and Director of f3 Innovation cluster for sustainable transport biofuels, Ph.D.

Industrial Dynamics

ID offers free needs analysis, advice and tailor-made provision of expertise in technology and business development to small and medium-sized industrial companies in Västra Götaland. ID consists of 16 different organisations within industrial entrepreneurship.


Kent Rundgren

Innovation Manager Ecosystem SME, PhD


The project aims to build a Big Data and AI research centre in Sofia (Bulgaria). We together with Chalmers are advisors and help to transfer knowledge and experience to those working with the center.


Camilla Johansson

Group manager Innovation management

Patrik Carlsson

PhD Director for Special Projects, PhD


FibRe is a Vinnova-funded competence centre with two academic partners (KTH and Chalmers) and around twenty industrial companies and public organisations. The aim of the centre is to build a solid competence to enable a transition from fossil-based plastics to fully bio-based equivalents.


Camilla Johansson

Group manager Innovation management

Big Science Sweden

Researchers at Swedish universities are driving technology development and innovation in Big Science. The large-scale European research facilities – such as ESS, MAX IV, CERN, ESO and ITER – collaborate with both university researchers and high-tech companies to develop advanced cutting-edge technology.

As Sweden’s ILO (Industrial Liaison Office), Big Science Sweden is a link between the research facilities and Swedish researchers. We monitor the facilities’ current projects and procurements and provide contacts to key people at the facilities.

Developing solutions for Big Science facilities stimulates new challenging questions in different research areas. It often involves collaboration with other research institutions, and can provide interesting links to companies developing high-tech products for Big Science.


Patrik Carlsson

PhD Director for Special Projects, PhD

Philip Gillgard

Project Manager, PhD


REVERE is a Chalmers laboratory for vehicle-related research. Main research areas are self-driving vehicles, active safety, vehicle dynamics and electromobility. Revere is an important meeting place for cutting-edge research, testing, knowledge sharing, education and collaboration, and is an open innovation arena for collaboration between research partners from industry, academia and society.


Anna Carlsson

Director Revere, Project Manager, Ph.D./M.Sc./M.Ed.

Digital Twin Cities Centre

Digital twins are realistic digital representations of something physical. Recent technological advances make it possible to simulate, predict and visualise the pulse of cities in order to make better informed decisions. The Centre’s vision is to establish the Digital Twin City concept as the foundation for digital planning, design, construction and management of sustainable, intelligent and vibrant cities and regions across Sweden by 2030.


Bernd Ketzler

Group manager Applied AI