Big Science Sweden

Researchers at Swedish universities are driving technology development and innovation in Big Science. The large-scale European research facilities – such as ESS, MAX IV, CERN, ESO and ITER – collaborate with both university researchers and high-tech companies to develop advanced cutting-edge technology. As Sweden’s ILO (Industrial Liaison Office), Big Science Sweden is a link between the research facilities and Swedish researchers. We monitor the facilities’ current projects and procurements and provide contacts to key people at the facilities. Developing solutions for Big Science facilities stimulates new challenging questions in different research areas. It often involves collaboration with other research institutions, and can provide interesting links to companies developing high-tech products for Big Science.

Chalmers Industriteknik is the seat of the western node and represents Chalmers as a party. We are co-director of BiSS and work with business development for the member companies, outreach and knowledge transfer from the research facilities.


Patrik Carlsson

Big Science Sweden, PhD

Philip Gillgard

Project Manager, PhD