Computer Vision

Computer vision enables computers to interpret and understand visual data in the same way that humans do.

From medical imaging to self-driving cars

Vision systems and image analysis can enable computers to understand images or videos, derive valuable information and take actions. Advancements in hardware development, the availability of data and development of advanced algorithms have been pushing the limits of computer vision in recent years. This has enabled a wide range of applications such as detecting cancer or autonomous driving.

The Applied AI team at Chalmers Industriteknik holds expertise in deep learning, data acquisition, data preprocessing and sensor technology. We apply our computer vision expertise in a broad range of industrial applications, mainly together with small and medium enterprises, in areas such as health care, recycling, manufacturing, geology, and material science.

Meet the experts

Moheb Nayeri

Data Scientist, PhD

Maxim Chukharkin

Data Scientist, PhD

Berenice Gudino

Portfolio Manager/Data Scientist, PhD

Faruk Geles

Data Scientist, PhD

Oscar Ivarsson

Data Scientist, MSc

Examples from real life

Develop and validate AI in existing patient processes for skin cancer

Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers in Sweden. Nearly 4,500 cases of aggressive skin melanoma are detected annually, about 500 people die every year from the disease.…



In recycling of WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) manual labour is extensively used in the pre-sorting and categorization of the WEEE. This is mainly because recycle…


Increased recycling in Second Hand through sorting with the help of AI

The vision for this project is simple. At the gift sorting department of the Red Cross in Örebro, items are automatically sorted on a conveyor belt according to product category an…

25 November 2022
Applied AI presented AutoWEEEdakt at Vinnova’s conference