Unleashing the future

Chalmers Industriteknik is an organisation that focuses on innovative research and development for a sustainable society. We work closely with research institutions, academia, and industry to create research-based solutions to future challenges.

Bringing research from the academy to industry

In partnership with our clients, we create technologies, products, and services using knowledge and technological advances from the world of research.

Our goal is to find new solutions to societal issues and help companies and organisations become more competitive. Every project we undertake is designed to make a positive impact on the world.

Areas of Expertise

The people who make it possible

We have more than 100 experts with specialized engineering and business development knowledge. By bringing together experts with a wide range of expertise, we can tackle complex challenges from multiple angles and find innovative solutions that truly make a difference.


Millimeter wave based graphene enabling wireless communication

Can graphene compete with commonly used electrically conductive materials such as copper, gold, aluminum and silver on substrates such as circuit boards?


AlgAIe – Optimization of algae cultivation using AI to significantly reduce methane emission from cattle

Recent studies have shown that adding macroalgae Asparagopsis as a supplement to cattle feed can lead to a reduction by over 80% of cattle’s methane emissions. Methane emission from cattle accounts for about 4% of the world’s annual greenhouse gases (GHG) emission.


ProSAFe – Personal Protection Against Fall Injuries to enhance quality of life for elderly

In the spirit of Vision Zero, ProSAFe will design, produce, test and evaluate aesthetically pleasing fall injury preventive clothing with optimized performance, comfort and price.

Supporting Chalmers’ collaborations with the business community

Chalmers Industriteknik is an integral part of Chalmers’ innovation ecosystem and research support. Our mission includes stimulating, participating and driving Chalmers’ innovation and development efforts, communicating and disseminating knowledge and results, and supporting Chalmers University of Technology’s collaboration with society and industry. Chalmers’ areas of strength: energy, health and technology, information and communication technology, materials science, nano, production and transport fit well with several of our areas of expertise and applications to research funders are continuously made together with Chalmers researchers.

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