Safe Mobility

It is important that people can move both within the local area and travel long distances in a safe and sustainable way, regardless of gender, age and any disability. Likewise, safe and sustainable transport of goods is important.

Initiatives that can save lives

Chalmers Industriteknik works with various initiatives in these areas, which we summarize under the concept Safe mobility, which is a cornerstone for the development of our society.
Safe mobility is important for several reasons. The most important reason for safe mobility is to save human life. Every year, millions of people around the world are killed or injured in transport-related accidents. Injuries and deaths from these accidents can have a devastating impact on individuals and can cause long-term physical and emotional consequences.

Safe mobility is essential for economic development. Transportation infrastructure and services that are safe and reliable can contribute to economic opportunity.

A sustainable environment is promoted by safe mobility. For example, transportation systems that prioritize safety, such as bike lanes, can encourage people to choose active modes of transportation, helping to reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Overall, safe mobility is essential for protecting human life, promoting economic development, and achieving a sustainable and equitable society.

Meet the experts

Anna Carlsson

Project Manager, MSc MEd

John-Fredrik Grönvall

Project Manager

Magnus Granström

Director SAFER

Malin Levin

Deputy Director SAFER

Ines Heinig

Project coordinator SAFER

Examples from real life

Seatbelt usage during pregnancy

The seatbelt is the single most important vehicle safety system, and halves the fatality risk in a passenger car collision.…


ProSAFe – Personal Protection Against Fall Injuries to enhance quality of life for elderly

In the spirit of Vision Zero, ProSAFe will design, produce, test and evaluate aesthetically pleasing fall injury preventive clothing with optimized performance, comfort and price.…


Barmark III – Demonstration of automated tractor for municipal road operation

While transport by foot or by bike is set to increase, there are high goals for reducing the number of seriously injured. The design and operation of the traffic environment is the…