Barmark III – Demonstration of automated tractor for municipal road operation

Safe Mobility

While transport by foot or by bike is set to increase, there are high goals for reducing the number of seriously injured. The design and operation of the traffic environment is the largest cause of accidents, and climate change and staffing challenges mean that solutions in automation are sought.

Research show that the design and operation and maintenance of the traffic environment have the greatest impact on the number of injuries and that this number increases in winter, despite the fact that many then avoid cycling or walking. When the climate changes, the weather becomes unpredictable, which puts great pressure on operation and maintenance regarding capacity and readiness. This at the same time as it is becoming increasingly difficult to recruit drivers. Together with the rapid advances in automation and digitization, interest has been aroused to investigate how this can be used in the field. The project brings together contractors, tool manufacturers, municipalities and research in a project where tomorrow’s road operational work is demonstrated.

Project partners are: RISE, Chalmers Industriteknik, Svevia, Holms, Peab, Terranor, Skanska, Green Landscaping, Stockholms Stad

Link to the project website:

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