SAFER is a collaborative platform where stakeholders from different parts of society contribute research and knowledge to reduce the number of road deaths and injuries. Our vision is to be co-creators of a sustainable and safe transport system, for all. Chalmers University of Technology is hosting the centre and the other nearly 50 partners come from academia, institutes, industry and government. SAFER was founded in 2006 and is part of Lindholmen Science Park in Gothenburg.

Chalmers Industriteknik is a valuable partner in SAFER, where we jointly endeavour to create a safer traffic environment. In addition, we provide competent staff to the centre’s secretariat, specialising in the management of complex collaborative and innovation environments.


Ines Heinig

Project coordinator SAFER

John-Fredrik Grönvall

Project Manager

Magnus Granström

Director SAFER

Malin Levin

Deputy Director SAFER