Investing in digital twins will revolutionize urban development

Picture: Visualization of Lindholmen, Virtual City @ Chalmers

With today’s technology of creating digital twins, a car or an aircraft can be modeled, and its properties simulated and optimized before even leaving the drawing board. Something that in the near future will be able to become a reality for something as complex as a whole city. Vinnova is investing heavily and long-term in a Chalmers-based competence center that will lead the development.

Cities are the largest and most complex systems that man creates, and also the most resource-intensive and waste-producing. The proportion of the world’s population living in cities is also increasing every year, which means that the need for conversion to sustainable design of our cities also increases. The integration of digital methods can be a strong support in this challenge. Like the process of building an aircraft or a car, whose design is based on mathematical modeling, simulation and optimization, cities can also be designed to become more vivid, efficient and resilient if analyzed and tested before they are actually built. With a recently decided investment from Vinnova, a total of SEK 100 million will be invested to create entirely new opportunities for virtual urban planning and analysis.

Chalmers Industriteknik will manage activities related to the utilisation of results by supporting the development of applications and use cases, and ensuring the transfer of these into benefits for society. Essential areas in this context are inventory and handling of intellectual property arising from the work as well as business models for utilising and continuous development of end-user applications and outcomes from the centre. CIT’s extraordinary experience in these areas arise from coordinating competence centres and related innovation and utilisation activities and strategies.

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