Workshop – Strategic pricing


Start: 2018-11-29 13:00

End: 2018-11-29 16:00

Location: Johanneberg Science Park, Chalmers Teknikpark Sven Hultins Gata 9C, lokal Afrodite.

Strategic pricing for increased competitiveness and growth

Did you know that 1% average price increase in a Swedish company leads to a 10% increase in operating margin and 20% increase in net margin? *

Pricing is the most powerful tool you have in order to affect your company’s profitability. It affects profitability more than sales increases or cost savings and is therefore important – but also difficult. We therefore invite you to a workshop that gives you inspiration, knowledge and tools, and a chance to get support in the pricing of your company’s products and services.

In late October we were visited by Lotte Kylberg from Monday Morning Consulting, when she lectured at one of our popular ID seminars. The interest was great, and therefore we can now present the sequel: a three-hour workshop where you get the chance to immerse you in the art of paying.

Pricing is a matter that concerns many parts of a company. In order to get the maximum value of invested time and money, we encourage you to bring one or more colleagues to the workshop. Keep in mind that a single good price decision can pay back your entire investment!

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*) Source: Profitability in Sweden, An analysis of 278,000 companies, January 2017, Företagarna.

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