Switch to fossil-free and sustainable production

The transition to biobased raw materials will lead to sustainable materials and manufacturing processes

If you want your operations to be more sustainable, we can help you switch from fossil-based materials to renewables. We support you all the way from idea to production.

— Since we have a good overview of which renewable materials that are commercially available and their properties and prices, we can  evaluate renewable alternatives and recommend materials for products and production, says Johan Felix, director of Materials group at Chalmers Industriteknik.

We can evaluate alternative materials and develop a customised product design or production method for the specific material and also customise biobased materials.

Right now, we are participating in a number of innovation Projects, of which one is aiming at developing biobased components for adhesives and paint to be used by the City of Gothenburg in order to attain completely fossil-free preschools.


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