New graphene projects

Photo: Volvo Cars

Great demand for our competence in graphene

Chalmers Industriteknik has landed five new collaboration projects in which graphene products are to be developed for various use within different types of industry: 

  • Weldable adhesives for the automotive industry
    This project is carried out with representatives from the whole value chain: car manufacturers Volvo Cars and CEVT,  Lamera, manufacturer of materials, RISE, Chalmers Technical University and manufacturers of addhesives Dow Automotive and SIKA.
  • Graphene coatings for textiles ”TeXtreme”
    together with Oxeon
  • Graphene based surface protection
    together with Provexa
  • Floorball blades
    together with Renew Group, Polykemi and Götene Plast
  • Reinforced fabric for the composite industry
    Feasability study together with FOV Fabrics and Chalmers Technical University
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