Question of the week with Golaleh. Is the circular economy profitable?

Everyone seems to be talking about the circular economy, both in society and in the corporate world. Sustainability is on the front page of every new business idea, and it’s really about time. The question is then if the circular economy is profitable? No, not by definition – just as not all linear business models are profitable. Here we must find new circular ways of doing business. We need to change and adapt.

We see companies expanding at a rapid pace with circular business models. We also see companies taking their first careful steps to become more circular. Perhaps they test leasing instead of selling a product, doing the numbers on a circular RoI, trying to figure out how to setup reverse logistics processes to take back use products or thinking about about the cost of renting something for the 50th time? Exciting questions that we need to know more about. What we do know is that the linear business model is unsustainable.

Do you want to know more about circular business models? At Chalmers Industriteknik, several experts work with this every day. Contact Klas Cullbrand and he will explain more.

And as always: If your company face challenges to increase your innovation and competitiveness level, we are here to help you get tomorrow ready for the future.

Golaleh, CEO, Chalmers Industriteknik