Jens Olsson

Scientific programmer, PhD, MSc Engineering, MSc Architecture

Expertise in

Parametric design, Programming, Geometry, Simulation, Meshless methods, 3D Modelling, Structures, Architecture

You cannot separate material from it’s from, since the material informs the form.

Jens is an architect and a civil engineer with a bachelor’s degree in architecture and engineering, a master’s degree as an architect and a master’s degree as an engineer with a focus on computational technology. After graduating from Chalmers, Jens has worked with the connection between architecture, parametric design, geometry and structural mechanics at Foster + Partners in London, within the group for Applied Research and Development (ARD). He then completed a PhD at Chalmers within the research school of Architecture, where his work was focused on the integration of material mechanics simulations with the design of structural elements. The research during the PhD studies was focused on the development and application of particle-based methods for this purpose.

Publications (the three latest):
Digital shaping: Meshless computational methods for form generation in architectural design, PhD Thesis, (2022). Chalmers University of Technology, Dep. Architecture and Civil Engineering. J. Olsson.
Adaptive bone re-modelling for optimization of porous structural components, Paper in proceedings IASS 2022, J. Olsson, M. Ander, C.J.K. Williams.
The numerical simulation of standard concrete tests and steel reinforcement using force flux peridynamics, Structural Concrete (2022). J. Olsson, M. Ander, C.J.K. Williams.

Projects (the three latest):

New international airport for Mexico City, as an employee at Foster + Partners. Contribution: Definition of the geometry and the structure for the roof using computational tools.
Apple store central world, as an employee at Foster + Partners. Contribution: Definition of geometry for the structure for a specific study on how the curvature of the roof has an impact on its structural performance.
Apple store in Singapore, as an employee at Foster + Partners. Contribution: Automation for the meshing of the structure for studies on a self-supporting dome in glass. Specifically looking at the joint between curved glass panels.

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