Gaurab Lama

Project Leader, MSc

Expertise in

Energy, Built Environment, Energy and indoor climate calculations, Energy efficiency

The best time to act on saving the planet was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.

Gaurab has broad experience of working with energy calculations, indoor climate simulations, life cycle analyses and solar simulations in projects ranging from new construction to existing buildings. This often with different types of use for example office buildings, apartment buildings, logistics buildings and more. His thesis was about energy renovation projects in apartment buildings from the Million Programme. At CIT Renergy, Gaurab works with energy efficiency in the built environment, and with assignments from the Swedish Energy Agency including Belok, Lågan, BeBo and making energy calculations and life cycle analyses.

Gaurab wants to contribute to creating energy-efficient and sustainable solutions towards a more sustainable future and planet. He offers customers a clear and well-functioning path towards the solutions they are looking for.