Dana Gilliland-Wiström

Communicator and Project Assistant, MSc

Expertise in

Circular Economy, Circular design, Circular & sustainable food chains, Sustainability Science, Communications strategy, Project management , Outreach, Education, Events

Through partnerships, we build momentum and a wave of change towards a future to be proud of.

Dana has ten years of professional experience in project management and communications with a focus on food and sustainability issues, in both non-profit and private organisations in the US and Sweden. She holds a degree in environmental and sustainability science from Lund University with a master’s thesis on local seafood markets. Dana has a particular interest in the blue sector, food security and resilience.

Doing good and finding solutions that make a difference and contribute to society drives Dana’s work. At Chalmers Industriteknik, she works to facilitate communication for projects in circular economy, applied AI and innovation centres, including industrial symbiosis, aquaculture, 2D materials and quantum technology innovation.

Projects I have worked with
Graphene Flagship – Innovation
All projects