Jessica Johansson

Project Manager, Licentiate of Engineering

Expertise in

Energy, Sustainable development, energy and transport, systems analysis, environmental behaviour, multi-/interdisciplinarity, linguistic concept management, methodology development

In the human vulnerability rests a potential force for change.

Jessica has a research degree, Licentiate of Engineering, in environmental science with a focus on physical resource theory and she also has a Master of Science in mechanical engineering with an energy focus. A couple of years ago, she broadened her competence with social science studies in areas such as environmental psychology and environmental policy. Jessica is interested in good dialogue and has also read a course in conversation methodology.

Jessica has extensive professional experience in energy / transport / recycling systems, including shipping. For many years she has worked as a project manager with both research projects and consulting assignments. Society’s transition to sustainability is central to her current work, more specifically issues within, for example, environment and climate, energy and resource efficiency, renewable energy, collaboration, and behavioural change. Jessica is employed by our subsidiary company CIT Renergy.