Sebnem Yilmaz Balaman

Project Manager, PhD

Expertise in

Circular Economy, Analysis & transformation of value chains, Circular strategies & Business models, Industrial & Urban Symbiosis, Bio-economy, Systems design, Supply chain design and analysis, Bio-based production, Sustainable transition of value chains, Systems integration pathways, Modelling and optimisation

Creating resilient and sustainable systems requires making smart decisions through careful planning and analysis.

Sebnem received his doctorate in 2014 in industrial engineering with a thesis on design and planning of bio-based production chains. Sebnem has experience as an academic and researcher with a focus on developing and using decision aids for circular and bio-based value chains for all levels of the decision hierarchy, strategic, tactical and operational. Sebnem has mostly used modeling and optimization techniques, as well as scenario analysis. She works, among other things, with design and analysis of supply chains, multi-objective analyses, stakeholder interaction analyses in supply chains, network design and sustainability of logistics and transport systems, system integration solutions.

Sebnem´s work places a great focus on contributing to the knowledge towards sustainable transition to a circular system and a bioeconomy in various industries to guide investors, planners and decision makers in evaluations of systems and supply chain alternatives. She will continue to help stakeholders and decision makers in problem solving in the sustainability – deployment – policy nexus by using a systems perspective and considering the internal characteristics and dynamics of the systems but also exploring how to connect/integrate multiple systems based on these internalities.