Applied AI presented AutoWEEEdakt at Vinnova’s conference

On Wednesday 23rd of November Maxim Chukharkin and Moheb Nayeri from the Applied AI group participated in a conference arranged by the Vinnova Strategic program PiiA in Västerås.

25 November

CIRCUBLADE – Holistic solutions to upcycle End-of-Life wind turbine blades

CIRCUBLADE project aims to develop a circular solution through the reuse of end-of-life wind turbine blades in new products with a focus on efficient logistics, design and manufacturing as well…

10 October

Applied AI group does not know frontiers

This week Chalmers Industriteknik virtually travelled to Guadalajara, Mexico for waking up the curiosity and interest of young people in research, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and real science projects.

30 September

Book release! Elis Carlström’s book ”Collaborative leadership and innovation”

The book is written in English and is published by the international publisher Routledge. The book is available for purchase on the Routledge website, but also on Bokus, Adlibris and…

30 August

Boid AB launches from Chalmers Industriteknik

The product design studio Boid AB has grown from its home within Chalmers Industriteknik to become a standalone company.

01 July

Question of the week with Golaleh. Is the circular economy profitable?

Everyone seems to be talking about the circular economy, both in society and in the corporate world. Sustainability is on the front page of every new business idea, and it's really about…

09 June

Question of the week with Golaleh. How confident are we at nano?

Sometimes you have to stop and think things through. Like how tiny features do we talk about when we work with nanomaterials. Take a layer of the nanomaterial graphene, it takes over 100,000 layers…

18 May

Question of the week with Golaleh. Fuel cells and hydrogen, is that the future?

Can fuel cells and hydrogen contribute to create a base for fossil-free growth? What are the missing links in the value chain for the hydrogen as energy source? Achieving our climate…

22 April

Question of the week with Golaleh. What is the world’s most fascinating material?

What is the world's most fascinating material?

08 April

PROACTIVE: Efficient and safe electric vehicle battery handling

We present PROACTIVE: A new and exciting project that will improve the process of electric vehicle batteries handling in the island Nordic countries.

16 September