Fewer slip accidents with automated maintenance

New research project aim at examining how autonomous work vehicles can improve the accessibility of footpaths and cycle paths as well as reduce the number of accidents.

16 August

Switch to fossil-free and sustainable production

If you want your operations to be more sustainable, we can help you switch from fossil-based materials to renewables. We support you all the way from idea to production.

02 July

New graphene projects

Great demand for our competence in graphene. Chalmers Industriteknik has landed five new collaboration projects in which graphene products are to be developed for various use within different types of…

02 July

Self-driving drones can help the emergency services save lives

With help from autonomous drones, the emergency services could more quickly gain an overview of fire and accident sites and save valuable time in their rescue efforts. In a new…

23 May

We are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

Hela koncernen har granskats och godkänts enligt standarderna ISO 14001 och ISO 9001. Certifikaten är ett kvitto på att vi jobbar på rätt sätt med miljö- och kvalitetsaspekter i alla…

19 April