RESVINN (Re-waste) – “Less waste. More food.”

Circular Economy
In the project Resvinn, we want to create effective redistribution systems for food waste in Sweden by developing solutions for logistics, business models, IT systems, communication and behavioral changes. The focus of the project is that restaurants and schools receive food waste from shops and wholesalers.

This reduces food waste by:

  • Restaurants and schools prepare leftover food, which the shops and wholesalers would otherwise have thrown away.
  • Demonstrate to consumers and students that high-quality food can be prepared from food that they themselves often throw away at home. This is an educational effort in a behavioral change required to reduce food waste in Swedish households.

About the project
Resvinn started in autumn 2018 as a preliminary study and then consisted of eight project partners. During the preliminary study, we developed proposals for how a system to redistribute surplus food between stores/wholesalers and schools/restaurants could work. This system was tested in Gothenburg. When the feasibility study ended, we applied for a full-scale project, which was started in November 2019 and is now in full swing. We have grown to 44 project partners and within the group there is fantastic knowledge and commitment to reducing food waste in Sweden.

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