By enhancing the efficiency of industrial processes, energy use and costs can be reduced, creating more environmentally friendly energy systems in both the long and short terms.

Systematic approach to energy and the environment

With our unique expertise, experience and scientific methods, we develop qualified decision data and contribute knowledge for efficient, sustainable industrial energy use.

We conduct studies for public authorities into system consequences, add to knowledge about industrial energy use and assist with the preparatory work for and formulation of regulations.

We offer:

  • Expertise and analysis in the field of energy: system consequences (energy, finances and environment) of changes (technical and organisational)
  • Control measures for industrial energy use
  • Syntheses of technology fields and system conditions
  • Energy audits and energy efficiency enhancement
  • Regulations for industrial energy use
  • Energy management and energy management systems
  • Regulation and control of industrial processes
  • Development and efficiency enhancement of biomass-based processes, including renewable fuels
  • Process management of technology-related partnerships and offices

Ingrid Nyström (CEO CIT Industriell Energi)

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