Circular economy

You can’t switch from linear to circular overnight, but it is important to make a start. Whether you are taking your first uncertain steps or a big stride or fine-tuning what you have done so far, we are there for you.

The future is circular

How do we achieve a more circular economy? It depends entirely on the situation, but it is important to be creative and dare to challenge yourself and others.

We have chosen to work in areas that we consider to be very important components of circular business models and significant enablers of a more circular society.

Maria Hammar (group leader)

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Production and transport logistics

New logistics solutions are necessary for more circular material and product flows.


Business models and value chains

Supply chain management has never been as important as today.


Swedish upcycling – circular design

Design and circular economy together give worn-out products a new chance.


Circular technology development

New technology can either impede us or help us along the way to a more circular world.

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PROACTIVE: Towards a process of efficient and safe electric vehicle battery handling in the island Nordic countries

The number of electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) sold in the Nordic countries is quickly increasing, therefore there is a considerable need of designing a safe and…

LinCS – Linking circularity metrics at product and society level

Circular economy is receiving increasing attention throughout the world. The European Commission says that it has no choice but to go for the transition to a resource-efficient and ultimately regenerative…

Recovery of drawers from refrigerated furniture

Refrigerators and freezers (refrigerators) usually contain a larger amount of plastic. A significant proportion of the plastic content consists of the drawers and shelf compartments of the cooling furniture. Before…

Collection system for electric car batteries

Sales of electric and charging hybrid cars have increased  extensive recent years, both globally and in Sweden. Common to these car types is that they all contain a battery for…

Repipe – Innovative recycling of pipes and profiles

In Sweden, large numbers of pipes are being installed every year in new buildings and during maintenance of both buildings…

Realize – Recycling of vehicles

The project Realize has the ambition to find strategies for a more resource-efficient recycling of vehicles and to increase the…

WEEE ID – Automated sorting of electronic waste

Automated sorting of electronic waste enables higher recycling rates

Waste in the form of electrical and electronic equipment (abbreviated WEEE)…

Remanence – Recycling of magnets

REMANENCE – Recycling of rare earth elements from permanent magnets in electronic waste

The future’s potentially limited access to rare…

GreenElec – Design for recycling

”Green” electronics intended to attain an efficient use of resources through designing and manufacturing electronics which enables a more efficient…

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CIRCUBLADE – Holistic solutions to upcycle End-of-Life wind turbine blades

CIRCUBLADE project aims to develop a circular solution through the reuse of end-of-life wind turbine blades in new products with a focus on efficient logistics, design and manufacturing as well…

10 October

PROACTIVE: Efficient and safe electric vehicle battery handling

We present PROACTIVE: A new and exciting project that will improve the process of electric vehicle batteries handling in the island Nordic countries.

16 September

Meet us at Circular Materials Conference, March 17-18 2020

Competence Centre of Recycling (CCR) at Chalmers University of Technology; RE:Source in cooperation with Nordic Publishing and research institutes, academia, and organisations from the basic, chemical, recycling and textile industries…

04 February

Circular Electronics Day!

Organisationer vill ha hållbara val på Circular Electronics Day Elektronikprylar förknippas med en rad sociala och miljömässiga problem som ofta hänger samman med dagens linjära ekonomi. Den 24 januari är…

23 January

Looking for a career in circular economy?

We are looking for a new colleague who wants to help companies and society change towards a more circular economy, where resource efficiency and business goes hand in hand.

08 February