Applied AI

There seems to be infinite potential. New concepts and trends are constantly emerging. Our most important task is to monitor the challenges facing society and business and consider how technology can be used as a tool to add value to your organisation.

Focus on people and benefits

In our world, the appearance and function of a product or solution depends on user requirements, not the technology. Legal, ethical and safety aspects also come into play.

We can assist you with your digitization project all the way from an introductory workshop or preliminary study, with a pragmatic approach to identify business value, to when the function, system or product has been implemented and is finished.

Bernd Ketzler (group manager)

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We offer


Business value of information

Make use of existing data to improve process efficiency and profitability.


Data Management

Gather, analyse and use the data you need to make processes more efficient.


Deep Learning

Who is smarter? Machines or people?

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30 September