How we work

We customise all projects to your requirements, whatever the challenge. We support promising, innovative small companies until they have found their feet. We are a strategic development partner for large companies. We solve specific problems in areas such as choice of materials, logistics and production to enhance flows and competitiveness. We coordinate and participate in large, long-term, publicly financed collaboration projects with multiple partners. We find the right expertise for the project from our broad range of skills and our strong network of researchers.



More efficient energy use is good for the environment and saves you money. If we are to achieve our shared sustainability targets and meet the challenges of climate change, we…



The success of a project depends on the right materials. Sustainable materials and production processes are a given. We combine research expertise in materials technology with a business focus to…


Applied AI

There seems to be infinite potential. New concepts and trends are constantly emerging. Our most important task is to monitor the challenges facing society and business and consider how technology…


Circular economy

You can’t switch from linear to circular overnight, but it is important to make a start. Whether you are taking your first uncertain steps or a big stride or fine-tuning…