RETAKE – Pilot project for the development and testing of reusable packaging

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Around 2 billion single-use items are used in Sweden every year, and soon we will find more plastic than fish in our oceans and lakes. Researchers believe that a high percentage of this plastic stock consists of single-use packaging. It is clear that a change is needed, both to contribute to increased sustainability and to meet future requirements and regulations. With support from the strategic innovation programme RE:Source, the demonstration project Retake is researching and developing sustainable reusable solutions and loan systems.

One time is simply one time too many, so we have another solution. We have created a reusable solution that is no more complicated than borrowing a book from the library. You choose what you want, you enjoy it for a while, and when you’re done, you return it. In this way, together we reduce the use of disposable items and thus also the mountains of rubbish.

In 2023, we will test a rotation system with reusable containers at three different events. The first pilot was the Gothenburg Horse Show in Scandinavium on 22-26 February. The system includes specifically adapted, individually labelled and reusable food boxes, cups etc., a technical platform to ensure traceability and an operational organisation for dishwashing and logistics. The project will also study and evaluate how services and business models can be designed to facilitate collaboration and enable joint value creation. Furthermore, the project demonstrates how a complete system for reusable containers for food and drink at major events can contribute to increased sustainability, reduced littering and lower costs for cleaning and waste management. These factors together constitute an important piece of the puzzle in the industry’s preparations for new, upcoming requirements and regulations.

Here you can watch the film about the RETAKE project on Youtube from the first pilot test at the Gothenburg Horse Show. The film is produced by RE:Source, which finances the project.

In connection with the RETAKE pilot at Kulturkalaset in Gothenburg 2023, we conducted a programme item at Frihamnsdagarna. Klas Hedvall was the moderator. Here you can see the recording from the programme.

Listen to Klas Hedvall talk about the project in Vetenskapsradion’s programme.

“Thanks to this project, important knowledge and experience is being gathered to help the industry’s actors to switch to non-recurring events. It is high time for this transition as restaurants, cafés and event organisers must offer reusable packaging that is part of a rotation system by 1 January 2024. Join us in reducing unnecessary packaging waste and make a contribution to a more sustainable world. Together we can reduce the use of disposable items without having to limit a life in motion.”

Project partners and financiers
A collaboration between the Chalmers Industriteknik, the Centre for Service Research at Karlstad University, Panter, Light My Fire, Samhall, Göteborg & Co, Got Event and Region Gotland. RE:Source is funded by Formas, Vinnova and the Swedish Energy Agency.

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Klas Hedvall

Project Manager, PhD

Maria Hammar

Group leader Circular economy

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