Cellulose-based materials

BioLyftet is a corporate training initiative and a project within the strategic innovation program BioInnovation with the focus of increasing knowledge and the use of bio-based and recycled materials. BioLyftet is aimed at small and medium-sized companies that want to start using bio-based, recycled and recyclable materials in their plastic- and textile products. After the training, the company will have a plan with activities to test and evaluate sustainable materials in its products. It is free to participate in BioLyftet and the training is given several times each year, in different locations around Sweden. BioLyftet is managed by RISE and Chalmers Industiteknik is a project partner, which in addition to conducting trainings is also assisting in strategic development of the concept. Please read more about BioLyftet here (in swedish): BioLyftet – företagsutbildning om hållbara material – BioInnovation

The course material was produced with funding from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and BioLyftet is now run with funding from Vinnova, the Swedish Energy Agency and Formas.

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