Zhongxia Simon He

Simon works with mm-wave hardware development, including MMIC design, packaging, FPGA programing and also with mm-wave system architecture design and system simulation and optimization. He wants to contribute to enhance Göteborg’s image as mm-wave innovation center in both Europe and Globe.

Simon have broad experience in mm-wave modules and systems, the knowledge accumulated from years academia and industrial cooperated projects.

Title IEEE Senior Member, PhD
Expertise High accuracy mm-wave sensing for industrial applications, high data rate communication, radio over fiber, MMIC design, mm-wave packaging
Mobile phone +46 (0)723-52 19 23
Email simon.he@chalmersindustriteknik.se
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/zhongxia-simon-he-86983a47/
After years of hands-on hardware development experience, I have growing increasing interest of making low-cost higher performance generic mm-wave hardware modules for future mm-wave sensing and communication applications.