Viktor Stenberg

Viktor is driven to find new solutions for a more sustainable energy system which can decrease our effect on the environment on a local and global level. He is working on increasing energy efficiency in heavy industries where he have a special interest for combustion processes, use and production of hydrogen as well as for carbon capture (CCS).

Viktor has many years of experience within R&D within combustion processes, hydrogen production, carbon capture and fluidized bed processes. He has been working with experimental activities at different scales as well as techno-economical investigations for industry processes. The dissertation included an evaluation of new industrial processes for large-scale hydrogen production where some of these processes included carbon capture and use of biomass as a replacement for fossil fuels. Viktor has both been studying and working abroad in France, Netherlands, Germany and in the U.S.

Viktor is a chemical engineer with a PhD in energy conversion from Chalmers University of Technology.

Title Project manager, PhD in energy conversion
Expertise Energy efficiency, hydrogen production, hydrogen utilization, concept development, combustion processes, fluidized bed technology, techno-economic evaluation, carbon capture and storage (CCS).
I am inspired to imagine how a future society looks like and I am deeply motivated to contribute as much as possible to positively impact the current and future society for both the environment and the people in it.