Realize – Recycling of vehicles

Circular Economy

The project Realize has the ambition to find strategies for a more resource-efficient recycling of vehicles and to increase the value of the recycled material both in terms of economic and environmental value, avoid material losses and decrease the amount of residual waste.

Vehicles are complex products. Attaining a high yield of material resources, small residual waste-flows and cost-efficient business for all actors involved is quite a challenge. In practice there is not only a need for developing new technical processes and work methods, but the spreading of these throughout all industrial operations is made possible through innovation in business models and intelligent logistics. It is of uttermost importance that the solutions developed today paves the way and make solutions for the more long-term challenges possible.

Realize will therefore:

  • Develop and evaluate technical solutions for recycling of vehicles: dismantling, fragmentation, sorting and processing of residual waste-fractions.
  • Map out the usage and recycling of critical materials in vehicles.
  • Identify any organizational or institutional possibilities to support the development of Swedish recycling activities.

Recycling of vehicles is being worked on through five different work packages which range from technology development and testing, to long-term innovation strategies which take the growing stock of vehicles and the characteristics particular to the Swedish industry into consideration. Realize takes a systematic grip on the subject in order to increase the Swedish competence and competitiveness so that the residual waste can be minimized and the possibility to extract materials from vehicle recycling at the highest possible value, maximized.

To realize economically competitive and closed material flows demands the involvement of actors throughout the entire system. This is the reason why the participating partners in Realize are comprised of industrial actors from every part of the recycling chain for vehicles, as well as research institutions with knowledge and experience from trans-boundary research, and necessary technical system competences.

The development and spread of modern and efficient recycling processes is vital to ensure a sustainable access to material resources both now and in the future. Realize intends to directly support innovation and the competitiveness of Swedish industrial actors in vehicle recycling, who in turn indirectly can benefit others by developing knowledge which can be transfered to other complex industrial waste flows, and in the end result in a more secure material supply and reduced environmental impact.

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