Thomson Doherty

Thomson is passionate about understanding and transforming lives for the better, protecting and preserving the planet for all life forms. He works as a business developer with transactions, licensing and innovation.

Thomson has a long experience in developing, directing and managing large complex global business development programs and initiatives.

Thomson has an education in law (JD), with an emphasis in Strategic Business Arrangements, Intellectual Property and Transactions and has an undergraduate degree (BSc) in biochemistry.

Title Director, Business Development, Transactions, Licensing & Innovation
Expertise Science Business, Strategic Partnerships, Transactions & Licensing
Mobile phone 0734-03 33 59
Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next. (Dr. Jonas Salk)

Thomson clarifies the terms...

Strategic Partnerships, Transactions and Licensing


Intellectual Property

IA and Intellectual Property Portfolio Management, IP Analytics, IP Landscapes