Malin Levin

Malin participates in the strategic development and daily operations at SAFER with the aim of supporting the creation of a safe and sustainable transport system.

Malin has a background as responsible for Volvo Cars PR strategy for car safety. She led major communication projects to launch new cars and safety features. Malin worked strategically and operationally in all phases of the project; from idea, strategy, production of press material to the execution of events. The position taught her a lot about building strategies around the values ​​a brand stands for, and so much about the complex car industry of course!

“Co-creation together with others that are also driven by innovative creation, creative thinking and utilization gives me a true flow. Leading projects in which communication, structure and collaboration between different disciplines and people is crucial, is really me!” – Malin Levin.

Title Deputy Director SAFER Vehicle and traffic safety centre at Chalmers
Expertise Strategic communication and project management in complex collaborative environments
Phone +46 (0)31-772 11 19
Mobile phone +46 (0)73-333 07 83