Malin Jacobsson

Malin works as a project manager at CIT Industriell energi. She works in projects related to industrial energy use, electrification and climate calculations.

Malin has a Master of Science from Chalmers, with a specialization in sustainable energy systems. At CIT Industriell Energi she works with investigations, climate calculations, energy audits and other energy related projects for companies and the public sector. She is also the coordinator of the Swedish consortium within Electrification in Industry, which is an international collaboration within IEA IETS.

In her master thesis work at Alelion Energy Systems, Malin investigated the potential of using forklift batteries as storage units to stabilize the electricity grid (FCR).

Title Project manager, M.Sc
Expertise Sustainable energy systems, electrification, frequency regulation & climate calculations
Phone + 46 (0)31-17 30 33