Linus Wiklander

Linus has a unique ability to design user-friendly and efficient products and services that spread joy based on complex conditions. He has extensive experience in product development and design for both industrial customers and academia.

In Linus’ world, all tools you use on a regular day, from physical products to the financial system in your computer, should make you happy instead of creating frustration. With expertise in service design, concept development, product definition and interaction design, he has developed everything from energy visualizations, calculation programs for material researchers to drones and interactive installations. Linus is an analytical projectile and often collaborates with various researchers at Chalmers and knows how to quickly get acquainted with new subject areas; The more complex, the more fun. Linus holds an MSc in Industrial Design Engineering specializing in Interaction Design.


Title Senior Strategic Designer
Mobile phone +46 706 99 12 12