Faruk Geles

Faruk works with computational and numeric tools especially in the area of AI to solve different problems. These tools can be used to predict and optimize many processes. In this way one can minimize many risks and take earlier countermeasures. He is passionate about the huge technological progress consequently computational driven new phase.

Faruk has a PhD degree in computational physics from the Graz University of Technology. The PhD thesis investigated the effect of electronic correlation on materials properties, like the metallic character or insulating character. He worked in his last position at the research center Profactor GmbH as Software developer in the areas of optimization, image processing, data analysis and with some software tools for robotics related tasks of optimization and automatization.

Title Data Scientist, PhD
Expertise Computational Physics, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Problem solving, Software development
Mobile phone +46 (0)70-390 37 22
Email faruk.geles@chalmersindustriteknik.se
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/faruk-geles-037b0416b/