Elin Svensson

Elin works primarily in different research projects within the area of industrial energy systems in collaboration with Chalmers and other universities. Examples of projects outside of research are guidebooks and various support material about energy efficiency in companies, in assignments from the Swedish Energy Agency and regional authorities. Other assignments include estimations of potentials and evaluations related to, for example, industrial electrification. Elin can also support companies in applications for investment funding for different sustainability projects.

Elin has a PhD in Industrial Energy Systems from 2012. In 2020, she was appointed, by Chalmers, the title Docent in Energy Efficient Industrial Processes. Her experience includes, amongst other, supervision of five PhD students. These study (or have studied) questions concerning flexibility, non-energy benefits and controllability related to energy efficiency improvements in energy-intensive process industry, but also integration of new technology. Elin has also supervised more than 15 master’s thesis within the area.


Title PhD, senior researcher
Expertise Process heat recovery, energy efficient industrial processes, process integration
Phone +46 (0)31 16 10 75
Email elin.svensson@chalmersindustriteknik.se
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/elin-svensson-16378022/