Christoffer Alm

Christoffer primarily runs assignments related to energy efficiency towards industry organizations and authorities. This involves different types of projects and studies which, for example, concern optimization of heat recovery and power output, demand control of energy users, operation of geoenergy storage as well as different types of analysis and visualization of energy statistics for Sweden's buildings. As assistant coordinator for the Relivs network, the work and assignments are focused to a certain extent around food retailing and commercial kitchens. Furthermore, Christoffer is a certified energy auditer and therefore also works a part with certified energy audit.

Christoffer has a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a master’s degree in Sustainable Energy Systems from Chalmers. The studies ended by completing a degree project via AFRY (then ÅF), which dealt with optimizing and simulating heat recovery possibilities in a textile industry outside Gothenburg. After this, Christoffer was employed as an energy consultant at AFRY, where for three years he led projects related to energy mapping, implementation of energy efficiency measures and energy measurement plans in industries. At CIT Energy Management, Christoffer continues to work with energy efficiency, but now with a greater focus on authorities and trade associations.

Title Project Manager
Expertise Energy efficiency and energy analysis, energy audits
Mobile phone +46 (0)70-241 08 56
The tools for energy efficiency exist, the challenge is to ensure that they are used in the right way and makes the theoretically possible energy saving potentials a reality.