New materials

The success of a project depends on having the right materials in the right place. But what should you choose? The future will be bio-based and we can guide you through all the exciting new functional materials.

New materials – new opportunities

We work close to materials researchers and monitor the latest developments and innovations. We conduct materials research and help our customers assess the opportunities and risks of implementing new materials technology. We have experience of both academic research and industrial development. Based on well-founded data, you can take the right decisions and make optimum use of materials development to boost your competitiveness.

Are you curious about the latest advanced materials? For example:

  • graphene – a material of the future you can use today
  • nanocellulose and other advanced bio-based materials
  • sol-gel materials – for unique surface layers

We offer:

  • Materials technology intelligence in new materials fields
  • Consultancy on R&D strategies for new materials
  • Development of product concepts involving new materials
  • Demonstrators based on new materials
  • Training

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