Graphene is a material of the future, but it has already begun the transition from research to industry. Products already on the market include strong, light composites that are mainly used in sports articles. Coatings, sensors and basic energy storage products will be next.

A supermaterial – light as a feather

Graphene is a layer of carbon one atom thick. It is stronger than steel, transparent and flexible and it is one of the best thermal and electrical conductors. These unique properties mean endless opportunities for new applications, for example:

  • fast, flexible electronics and displays
  • multifunctional composites – light, strong, conductive
  • surface layers and barriers that protect against gases, liquids, corrosion, fouling, etc.
  • energy solutions for power generation, storage and cooling
  • high sensitivity sensors

There is heavy investment in both research and innovation in Sweden and the rest of Europe and worldwide.  We are involved in several different regional, national and European projects, giving us a wide contact network in Sweden and the rest of Europe.

We offer:

  • analyses, roadmaps, external environment analysis, concept studies, development projects and demonstrators
  • help finding the right partners
  • specific expertise in the application fields of composites, adhesives, parts of electrical components and characterisation

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