The success of a project depends on the right materials. Sustainable materials and production processes are a given. We combine research expertise in materials technology with a business focus to deliver competitive solutions.

The right materials in the right place

To develop higher-performance, more attractive, more sustainable products, you need in-depth knowledge about materials and their properties. The pace of development is fast, producing many exciting new materials to meet the challenges of the future. We help your company build knowledge about materials and materials technology to hone products and boost competitiveness.

Our services include choice of materials and processing technology, development of customised materials solutions and troubleshooting to remedy materials problems in existing products.


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Graphene is a material of the future, but it has already begun the transition from research to industry. Products already on the market include strong, light composites that are mainly…


New materials

The success of a project depends on having the right materials in the right place. But what should you choose? The future will be bio-based and we can guide you…


Materials and process problems

We analyse materials-related product and production problems, identify causes and suggest solutions. What problem can we help you with?


Fossil-free alternatives

Increase the sustainability of your business offering by replacing fossil-based materials with renewable ones in products or packaging. We can help you all the way from idea to production.


Customised materials/product concepts

Choose the right materials and processes from the start when you develop your next product. We help identify materials with the right properties, standards and costs. They are sustainable, naturally.

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